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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at Work

Posted by Brigg Patten

Dec 15, 2016 1:00:00 PM

We believe that organizational learning serves a higher purpose: we aren't just teaching people content, we're teaching people how to work. Understanding emerging trends, and how they'll impact work in the future, allows learning professionals to better support their learners. Virtual and augmented reality is already making waves in the workplace, and by extension, in training. Guest blogger Brigg Patten explores this new technology and its impact on learning and common workforce tasks. 

40787366_s.jpgVirtual Reality and Augmented Reality at Work

Virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two technologies that are making waves in the workplace and are set to grow even more than mobile in just a few years. Companies are already making use of tools like Magic Leap from Google, HoloLens from Microsoft, and Facebook's Oculus. AR and VRs don't have restrictions when it comes to their usage in work environments. Although it is not exactly new technology, some companies have not gotten around to adopting AR and VR in their operations. For some companies that provide custom elearning solutions, it is a matter of not comprehending the role that AR and VR can play.

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4 Tips for a Successful Company-Wide Social Media Training Program

Posted by Brigg Patten

Nov 15, 2016 3:08:28 PM

39111159_s.jpgWhile social media is one of the best mediums for marketing, not enough companies are giving their employees the training and tools to make the most out of it. Most companies will give their employees some basic guidelines on how to conduct themselves on various platforms but often do not go any further.

If you’ve been thinking about rallying your team to boost your social media results, here are some tips to launch a successful training program.

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The Link Between Critical Thinking and Effective Design

Posted by Brigg Patten

Oct 18, 2016 2:00:00 PM

63267464_s.jpgCurriculum design is a hot topic these days, especially with the debates over the Common Core teaching strategies in the United States. Often, many critics find that programs like the Common Core aren't helping students learn essential skills that they will need to learn. Despite the emphasis on testing and measurement, it seems that these programs might not be measuring the things that will actually help students succeed.

In order to make it in the proverbial real world, students need to develop critical thinking skills, and they need a curriculum that will foster these skills. This principle is easily applied to any learning situation, whether in school or business.

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