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Dr. Stephen Slota

Dr. Slota is an Instructional Design Specialist and Game Design Scientist at the University of Connecticut. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology: Cognition, Instruction, & Learning Technologies and has worked on a variety of game and instructional design projects with organizations including Arizona State University's Center for Games & Impact, UConn Health, Intel Corporation, Pfizer, and InSync Training, LLC. His most recent project, a co-edited volume discussing situated cognition, game design, and the future of games in education, will be released later this year. Look for Exploding the Castle: Rethinking How Video Games & Game Mechanics Can Shape the Future of Education (Information Age Publishing) Spring/Summer 2017
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Achievement Unlocked: A Powered-Up Understanding of Gamification

Posted by Dr. Stephen Slota

Feb 22, 2017 12:05:00 PM

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Gamification in modern blended learningBack in 2010—right as I was beginning my career transition into instructional design—games emerged as the educational topic du jour. They commanded the attention of millions by way of social media apps like FarmVille, and touch-screen tablets made it possible for designers to reach audiences ranging much younger and older than ever before.

James Paul Gee’s (2007), What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy, had caught the eyes of experts in psychology, linguistics, communications, and digital media, and a new generation of games researchers began work to explain how and why games were so successful at capturing our attention (as well as the ways in which educators, business owners, medical professionals, politicians, and others could make use of said information).  

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It's All in the Game: Considerations for Designing Effective, Engaging Instructional Games

Posted by Dr. Stephen Slota

Jul 7, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Games have been a hot topic in education and industry since the early 2000s, with more organizations seeking to apply games as a way to motivate and engage clients, trainees, and professionals seeking new learning opportunities. But, even though the design process might seem all “fun and games” on the surface, it’s more nuanced than it looks.

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