Infographic - Learner Attention Is up for Grabs


How do you capture your audience’s attention when so many factors provide distractions?

Recently, guest BYTE speaker Mark Harter answered this question and provided pro-tips accumulated from years of practical experience.

When faced with limited time and a myriad of distractions, we need a purposeful approach for designing and marketing engaging learning experiences.

This infographic, based on Mark Harter's BYTE session, Grabbing Learner Attention, can help you to understand how to capture your audience's attention, even in the midst of a myriad of distractions.

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Infographic - Engaging Modern Learners: When to Push and When to Pull

Engaging_Modern_Learners_landing_page_pic.jpgParticipant motivation, attitude and active participation don't equal learner engagement in today's classroom. Instead, engagement depends on an emotional, intellectual and environmental response to the training. 

How can you ensure that your instructional designs illicit these responses? Use Push/Pull training!

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