Infographic - How to Build Your Why Story


Understanding your WHY, your own story, and what fuels your passion is the first step to changing how you converse with others.

It’s a paradigm shift that requires that you learn how to find your story, where it begins (how young were you when), and how that connects to who you are and what you do today. It’s a road worth traveling to tap into your passion and ultimately communicate that story and passion to your employees, customers, prospects, friends and your families.

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Infographic - 7 Actions to Manage & Overcome the Challenges of Implementing a Virtual Classroom Strategy

Recently, InSync Training helped a global organization transition existing face-to-face learning programs to the virtual classroom. Most would assume that this project would simply include taking existing content, and dropping it into a new format. 

That's far from the reality. During this evolution, we identified seven challenges that we needed to mitigate for a successful virtual classroom implementation.

The learning environment wasn't the only major change - facilitators, instructional designers, and participants all needed specific support. 

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Infographic - Engaging Modern Learners: When to Push and When to Pull

Engaging_Modern_Learners_landing_page_pic.jpgParticipant motivation, attitude and active participation don't equal learner engagement in today's classroom. Instead, engagement depends on an emotional, intellectual and environmental response to the training. 

How can you ensure that your instructional designs illicit these responses? Use Push/Pull training!

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Infographic - What is Driving the Modern Learning Culture?

What is Driving the Modern Learning Culture?

The modern learning culture is about more than technology – it’s about the workforce becoming more global, mobile and social. Training professionals need to recognize the influence that culture plays in the classroom. 

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Infographic - Designing for Live Mobile Learning

Designing for Live Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning, also known as mLearning, is on the rise! But in the rush to deploy content quickly and make it accessible from wherever the learners are, we aren’t giving enough thought to what exactly should be taught and how to most effectively deliver that content.
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Infographic - 4 Step Disaster Recovery Process

InSync_4StepDisasterRecovery-Title-Square.fwAs facilitators, we always hope that the virtual classroom platforms we're using will work flawlessly during our live training sessions. Realistically though, many things can and will go wrong with learning technologies. 

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Infographic - The Art of Design for the Virtual Classroom

Art_of_Design_header_onlyDesigning impactful virtual lessons takes more than the science of instructional design; designing for the modern virtual classroom requires an artful approach to creation.

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