Our complimentary virtual programs include the InSync BYTE series as well as the Bozarthzone! training series. These sessions are recorded and posted after the session for your review.

BYTE Session - Modern Learning is Perpetual Learning - How do we become the "Google" of Learning?

March 14, 2017

Instructor: Jennifer Hofmann


The term 'blended learning' isn't descriptive enough anymore. Especially when we consider that learning takes place perpetually – even when the training department isn't looking! To become more of a partner with our business, we need to make sure learning opportunities and content are where and when our learners need them. If they are not, our learners will turn to search engines to find the information they need and hope for the best.

To stay relevant, the Learning and Development field needs to think beyond the 'formal learning' box, and consider the shifting characteristics of our learners.

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BYTE SESSION - Reversing 200 Years in the Wrong Direction With Blended Learning

February 28, 2017

Instructor: Martyn Lewis


In this session Martyn Lewis (Founder 3GS) will contend that training has been heading in the wrong direction for 200 years and that we now have the chance to reverse this trend by embracing blended and continuous training approaches. Thanks to technology, we can now re-architect and redesign training for how people actually work and live their lives in today’s world. However, this requires us to let go of old standards and embrace new approaches.

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BYTE Session - Putting the Love Back Into Your Blended Learning Instructional Design

February 14, 2017

Instructor: Phylise Banner


The work we do as instructional designers is constantly shifting. We need to continuously evolve and adapt, as innovations drive change in the way that content can be delivered and consumed, learning environments can be designed and developed, and new modes of learning can be assessed. Although the shift can be chaotic at times, one thing remains at the core of our work -- LOVE.

Yes, you read correctly, LOVE.

L: Listening
O: Orienting
V: Visualizing
E: Evaluating

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Topics: Blended learning, InSync BYTE Recording

BYTE Session - Enabling Virtual and Blended Learning Success: An SAP Case Study

June 21, 2016

Instructors: Jennifer Hofmann and Malte Bong-Schmidt


Is your virtual classroom viewed as just a cost-cutting measure? Prior to 2013, the SAP sales organization utilized virtual and blended learning, but without an integrated strategy. Learn how in 2013 they introduced GCO University Virtual Live Classroom program, serving over 15,000 sales and sales-related employees globally and changed from a perception of "yet another online training program" to a core value in learning plans with an integrated approached and consistent, quality instructional design.

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Topics: Blended learning, Virtual Classroom, InSync BYTE Recording

ATD - What Fits Where? Maximizing Blended Learning by Choosing the Right Tools

December 4, 2015

Instructor: Jennifer Hofmann


Blended learning
is the ubiquitous term for using a variety of instructional delivery media to achieve a particular outcome - but how do you decide what to put in the blender? How do you know when to use classrooms, e-learning, virtual classrooms, mobile and social technologies, or one of the other instructional techniques as part of your blend?
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Blended Learning Instructional Design: A Modern Approach

JUNE 1, 2015


Instructional designers are constantly bombarded with new technologies and trends. It's difficult to distinguish which are fads, and which are worthy of time and resources. Instructional designers must also battle the false perception that you can teach any content using any technology.

So what's the solution?

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