Our complimentary virtual programs include the InSync BYTE series as well as the Bozarthzone! training series. These sessions are recorded and posted after the session for your review.

BYTE Session - Realities of Virtual Collaboration

August 8, 2017

Instructor: brenda huettner


No man is an island; we are all part of a larger community. Rapid advances in tools and technologies offer us a myriad of ways to communicate and collaborate with each other. When we spend all day at the keyboard, it’s easy to forget that we’re still working with humans who happen to be on their own keyboards. 

This session will review some of the current virtual collaboration tools available and suggest ways of using each most efficiently. We’ll also talk about how and when you can incorporate a more personal touch to your communications across the virtual landscape.

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BYTE Session - Global Learning and Virtual Teams

July 25, 2017

InstructorS: Amy Lins and Munira Bangee


Most of us work in some form of a virtual team these days. Does the old adage of “forming, storming, norming, and performing” still apply in the virtual team, or are new norms emerging? What are the benefits and pitfalls of being a virtual team member and a virtual team leader? What skills does a leader need to be successful? We will discuss how to build and maintain high performing virtual teams.

Additionally, we will take a look at how the virtual team changes when you become a multi-national or global team.

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BYTE Session - Inspiring a Global Virtual Team

July 11, 2017

Instructor: Mary Kingsley


How do you honor cultural diversity and bridge distance to not only achieve excellence, but to inspire trust that frees people to collaborate quickly? If you are prepared to invest in your team relationships and to be surprised at how much you learn, you will not only get great results, you will discover how your solutions work best in different cultures. 

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BYTE - Global Virtual Teams: The Role of Talent Leaders

March 8, 2016

Instructor: Marjorie Derven


Working on virtual teams, where all or some team members are geographically dispersed during their careers, is rapidly becoming the “new normal.” Globalization, matrix structures, flexible work arrangements, and contingent workforces contribute to this trend. The stakes are high for such teams to be successful, but teamwork challenges are magnified as a consequence of distance, cultural diversity and communication barriers.

Talent development leaders can play a key role in maximizing the effectiveness of these teams by enlisting senior management support, deploying a change management approach, and removing barriers to high performance. 

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The Art and Science of Working Remotely

December 1, 2015

Instructors: Susan Hillebrandt and Amy Lins


Are we more productive in the office, or out of the office?

According to a new uSamp survey of 1,000 Americans, 65 percent of companies allow remote work, and an even higher percentage of big companies take advantage of home and virtual offices. (Read more here.)

How is all this remote work working?

Join us for a discussion of how to make working remotely successful. Our panelists worked together remotely, and will take some time to share their experiences along with lessons learned and tips for success. 

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