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5 Tips for Creating Better Global Virtual Training

Posted by Kit Brown-Hoekstra

Jan 17, 2017 11:45:00 AM

Access Complete Modern Blended Learning Blog Series and Subscribe As trainers, educators and Learning Experience Architects, we depend on establishing a rapport with our learners to create a supportive learning environment. Encouraging this environment in a multicultural or online setting is more challenging. Both factors add a layer of complexity to the curriculum development.
Global Classrooms Global Learners  
With planning and some research, you can build blended learning and virtual learning campaigns that accommodate multiple cultures and create an effective learning environment that engages all learners, no matter where they are.
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Part 4: Managing Virtual Classroom Strategy Implementation Challenges

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann

Jul 14, 2016 2:10:28 PM

Recently InSync Training worked with a multinational software company to maximize the value of their existing learning content by transitioning it to the virtual and blended classroom.

During this process, we discovered seven specific areas that we needed to address to facilitate this transition. We believe these challenges are universal to virtual classroom implementation. Many other organizations are undergoing this evolution, with seasoned learning professionals assisting the process.

In the spirit of the modern classroom, a learning environment defined by the accessibility of knowledge, we will detail these challenges and our approaches for overcoming them in this seven-part blog series.

To achieve the greatest understanding of virtual classroom strategy implementation challenges, begin with my first blog post in the Managing Virtual Classroom Strategy Implementation Challenges series, Redesigning Content for the Virtual Classroom.

48861062_s.jpgVirtual Classroom Implementation Strategy Challenge 4: Identify and Overcome Language & Cultural Barriers

The next step involved in successful virtual classroom implementation requires identifying and mitigating culture and language barriers.

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What Makes a Great Virtual Classroom Producer? Advice from an Expert

Posted by Helen Fong

May 3, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Helen_Production_Blog.jpgInSync Training’s team includes a group of fantastic virtual classroom producers, or assistant facilitators, who provide professional event support to our clients, and our Certificate course and Workshop facilitators. They keep learners on track, and transform virtual training programs into fast-moving, trouble-free interactive events. 

In this guest post, Helen Fong, our Lead Producer, shares her wisdom about this important, but often overlooked, role. 

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