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Avoid Social Learning Overload: 9 Techniques for Managing Your PLN

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann

Jan 13, 2017 11:30:00 AM

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On Fridays, this blog series will explore YOU as a modern learner. This doesn't just happen: becoming a successful modern learner means taking an active role in creating, curating, and maintaining your Personal Learning Network (PLN). Social Learning Personal Learning Network

Last week, I discussed how to design your personal learning path, using foundational instructional design techniques. Part of that approach is to identify the experts, websites, social media channels, and other resources that will comprise your Personal Learning Network, or PLN. 

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Designing Your Personal Learning Path: A Blended Learning Approach

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann

Jan 6, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Access Complete Modern Blended Learning Blog Series and Subscribe When we talk about the modern learning experience it’s important to remBlended Learning Personal Learning Pathember that we are all modern
learners. It’s easy to lose sight of that fact when we spend our days designing learning experiences for others. You have a choice in how you learn, just like the learners you're developing and designing training content for. 

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Social Learning for Modern Classrooms

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann

Oct 6, 2016 7:04:22 PM

41444963_s.jpgSocial learning has been happening forever. People learn first, and best, from one another. Think about it: apprenticeship models have taught people trades for centuries, and oral history has imparted age-old wisdom within societies since the early days of humanity. Even though social learning is not a new concept, technology influences how the process occurs in workplace training programs.

Social Learning in Training

While it’s possible, and important, to support the possibility of social collaboration in our training programs, it’s not something you make people do. Rather, the process of social learning happens naturally and spontaneously.

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