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Our videos and podcasts feature a variety of short topics discussing anything and everything pertaining to the modern virtual classroom.

Blended Leadership Program

52313506_s.jpgInSync Training believes in the power of blended learning. In blended programs, performance objectives are matched to the most appropriate medium to ensure that participants learn -- at least in part -- through facilitator-led delivery of content with some element of participant control over where, when, pace or path in the overall program sequence.

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ELC 025: Insights for Designing Blended Learning

PaintbrushesToday's learning environment is wide open. We can choose from a multitude of technologies, modalities and techniques. But what's the best way to design in this new environment? In this podcast, Connie Malamed from the eLearning Coach chats with Jennifer Hofmann, President of InSync Training, who offers lots of tips and insights for designing blended learning.

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Body Language In The Bandwidth