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Feb 28, 2019 Katelind Hays

An Introduction to Learning Theory: Curated Resource

Moving from Theory to Practice using curationLearning does not just happen. The success or failure of knowledge transfer and behavior change depends on many factors such as engaging facilitation, thoughtful instructional design, and purposeful training deployment and management. And, many would argue, that underlying all of those elements lies a bedrock of neuroscience.

Learning theories, which attempt to define how students gain, process, and retain information, have a storied and stormy history within the Learning and Development field. Some experts swear by their efficacy and rely on them heavily, while others dispel them as pseudoscience bunk.

For new trainers, and seasoned learning leaders, a basic understanding of popular learning theories can provide guidance in our work.

Our team recently came across Different Types of Learning Theories - Understanding the Basics by Thais. Posted on, it provides a concise, high-level overview of popular learning theories, including:

  • Behaviorist Theory
  • Cognitive Theory
  • Constructivist Theory
  • Social Learning Theory
  • Connectivism Theory
  • Adult Learning Theory

We love the format of this resource - structured like an outline, it allows for apples-to-apples comparison of each topic. For every theory, the article highlights:

  • How learning occurs
  • Factors that influence learning
  • The role of memory
  • The types of learning best explained by the theory

Plus, the article not only links to source material for their overview, but it also includes how to connect technology learning programs based on these models within your industry. Immediately applicable, thought-provoking, and foundation building, we believe this article appeals to practitioners

We've added this resource to our personal professional tool kits, and hope you find it helpful, too! References like these provide insight necessary to navigate the many nuances of the modern classroom!


Published by Katelind Hays February 28, 2019
Katelind Hays