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Apr 18, 2014 Jennifer Hofmann

Appreciation for Virtual Producers

WIIFMMy thanks to virtual producers everywhere!  Where would we (virtually) be without you?

I have been a facilitator in the virtual classroom since 1997. On rare occasions, I have the opportunity to take the role of a virtual producer and support other facilitators.

And every time I do, I quickly realize that I don't have the temperament to take on that role full-time.

Today, for example, I supported a WebEx session in front of a live audience at a conference in Orlando, Florida. The presenters were not able to travel so I was asked if I would manage a WebEx session in front of the live audience while the presentation was delivered virtually.

The speakers delivered a fine presentation, I ran the technology, represented audience questions, and did all the things a good producer should do.

And practically had to sit on my hands throughout the session.

There were many moments when I wanted to interject with my own comments. There were half a dozen things I would have done differently. I had countless questions that I wanted to ask.

But it wasn't my place.

This happens to me every time I produce for someone else. The more interesting the program is, the more I want to contribute. The more questions I want to ask. I want to speak; have a conversation; be heard!

It makes me appreciate the producers that support me even more. They anticipate my needs, advocate for the participants, contribute to the conversation - but never, ever seem to take the focus off of the content or me.

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Published by Jennifer Hofmann April 18, 2014
Jennifer Hofmann