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Bobby Carlton

Bobby Carlton
Bobby Carlton explores how different types of technologies and unique approaches can be used for personal, professional and team development, as well as an engagement tool in both a retail and learning environment. He practices the idea that failure shouldn't be seen as a negative experience; but as an opportunity to reevaluate an approach to think unconventionally, explore alternate options, find new solutions and be creative in our problem solving. His passion with technology began in 1983 after his parents purchased him a Commodore 64 as a gift. Bobby is also a contributing writer for, which is one of the world's leading immersive media companies, reaching over 150 million people in 2016.

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What Is Tech? Past, Present and Future? And How Will It Matter In the Workforce?

Posted by Bobby Carlton on Jun 6, 2017 1:01:00 PM


Past and Future of EdTech

he future has arrived! Instructional designers and facilitators now have access to Jetsons-like immersive technology as part of their training toolkits. How do we engage learners with these new tools? This blog post provides a helpful introduction to EdTech. For more expert guidance, attend Bobby Carlton's upcoming guest BYTE session to learn more about "Engagement through Immersive Technology." 

Humans, and even animals for that matter, have been using the concept of technology to resolve issues from the very beginning of time.  We are presented with a problem, we hypothesize/explore/test/attempt/fail/repeat - until we come up with an idea for a solution, and then we assess the data from our trial and error process to improve that solution. Over time we then continue to build on the successes and failures of the process, to continually improve the solution. 

In today's modern world, the definition of technology brings thoughts of computers, mobile devices, and robotics.  It’s true that technology can be that, but it’s much more.  The term has a wide definition that will vary from person to person, because it can be a physical product, but it can also be a process, and it always starts from an idea or a problem that needs a solution. Technology is an idea, an approach, and a strategy to resolve a problem.

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What Is Technology? How Does it Relate to Learning?

Posted by Bobby Carlton on Jan 5, 2017 12:00:00 PM

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Edtech Blended Learning

What do computers, mobile phones, robotics have in common with a pencil, to-go cups from your local coffee shop, or an idea for better work flow? The answer is simple. They are all forms of technology. Technology is anything that was designed with the goal of having a purpose. Yes, a mobile phone is a great piece of technology, but so is the pencil, and those to-go cups you get from your local coffee shop.

Technology starts off as an idea, and evolves into a plan or concept, continues to grow and then evolves until we have a solution. And even with a solution, sometimes the technology will continue to grow with newer ideas and newer solutions. That is what technology is. And it is always evolving.

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