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Katrina Baker

Katrina Baker
Katrina became crazy about learning and development while working as a training manager and LMS administrator for a Fortune 500 company. She has enjoyed expanding into consulting, writing, and speaking, especially in the learning technology realm. Katrina is the author of Corporate Training Tips & Tricks, LMS Success, and The LMS Selection Checklist. Her consulting firm, Resources of Fun Learning, advises companies in a variety of industries. She is also a member and former chapter director for the Association for Talent Development. If you attend ATD’s national conferences, keep an eye out for her sessions.
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Traditional Learners, Non-Traditional Training - Oh My! 

Posted by Katrina Baker on Feb 13, 2017 12:15:00 PM

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Modern Learners Traditional TrainingWe L&D professionals are lucky. With today’s technology, we have options to engage every learner audience, in every possible environment. Even if you have a tight budget and a small team, you can deliver a comprehensive blended learning program. And this is all thanks to learning technology. 

Granted, not every organization is comfortable using technology to deliver training. If your learners and leaders are used to traditional training in a classroom, implementing virtual classrooms and e-learning will require a transition.

That transition starts in your own mind, by examining the way you define learning.

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Overcome Your Blended Learning Phobia

Posted by Katrina Baker on Jan 30, 2017 12:07:00 PM

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Blended Learning Organizational LearningBlended learning programs can be a beautiful thing. Need to cover a global workforce? Use virtual classrooms to engage learners everywhere. Can't get employees to leave their desks? Bring learning opportunities to their desks in the form of short videos, quick reference guides, and fun simulations. Mix learning content together to create interactive training programs. 

But wait, you say, it’s not that easy. My organization has expectations. 

Your organization may expect learning to take place in person. In their opinion, if there isn't a person in front of the classroom, teaching with an apple on their desk, it's not “real” training. Sometimes the perception comes from your learners - other times it's from your leaders. Either way, it will take time to change your organization's collective mindset.

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