Stephen Otterstrom Stephen Otterstrom
For the past twenty years I have been blessed to work in learning and development. I got my start in a call center, initially mentoring new hires as they came onto the call floor. This soon led to more formal development opportunities, including traveling to Ireland and China to train new call centers. I eventually left the call center world and started supporting multiple sights. I delivered and oversaw the delivery of onboarding, leadership development, and compliance training. I observed the impact robust learning and development programs can have on business culture, retention, and key performance indicators. My final corporate job was Regional Learning Manager for the Americas region of a large multinational organization. Here I learned to stop trying to see the big picture and instead try to hear it. Learning & Development is not a one-way street. There is limitless growth & development for organizations who learn how to listen to their front line. Today I work with multiple organizations in multiple industries. I enjoy working with people around the globe. I am excited by the many opportunities to bring new tools, technologies, and perspectives into the world of learning and development. Perhaps the most important thing I have learned in my career is, people do not fail when they lack potential. They fail when we lack the creativity and fortitude to unlock it. Unlocking potential is my mission and passion.