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Apr 10, 2018 Lou Russell

Change is Constant: Agile People Transition

Change Management InSync Training welcomes Lou Russell to the Virtually There series on April 24, 2018. Ahead of her session, The Accidental People Challenges From Agile Development, Lou shares helpful background information about the people-side of Agile implementation. We thank her for her insights, which first appeared on her Russell Martin blog  

Things have changed all around you.  No matter how young or old you are, you have experienced change.  Dial phones and Blockbuster have been replaced by cellphones and Hulu. 

It’s not as obvious that our jobs and roles are also changing dramatically as well.  In every field, individuals must constantly evolve to stay on top of "now" and the rate of change is increasing.   

Agile is a recent addition to traditional Fortune 500 companies.  Agile, when done well, drives value with quality and speed.  When done poorly, it confounds the delivery of value just like anything that’s done poorly.  There are various good and bad ways large organizations are leveraging this evolution and of course, struggle comes with any change.  Those that can work through it will see the most success. Some will not.  As businesses change, people cannot stay the same. 

There are types of people who can successfully navigate a Scrum session.  There are also types of people who cannot.  For example, a person who has always programmed alone will find Agile collaboration daunting. Collaborative work requires collaborative people and in business, we have traditionally not encouraged collaborative behavior.   Control, competition and hierarchy are the blueprint in most traditional large companies. With Agile, collaboration has replaced control.   A dramatic culture change is occurring.  

Jobs will continue to go away.  How can leaders be mindful of the impact business change has on the staff?  How can you ‘onboard’ the skills required for today, not ten years ago?   Click here to read more….  

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Published by Lou Russell April 10, 2018