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May 25, 2022 Janice Murphy

Webinar Recap: When Virtual Training Underwhelms & What To Do About It


Are you still struggling to make your virtual classroom more interactive? Do you know if people are engaged and learning without REAL body language and eye contact? 


Watch the replay of our Virtually There Webinar - “When Virtual Training Underwhelms - Helping Your Training Team Achieve Virtual Excellence” and find out from Karen Vieth and Jennifer Hofmann, the real reasons virtual training isn't living up to your expectations, and how you can help your training team achieve virtual excellence.


You'll learn how to:

  • Tackle learner engagement on 3 dimensions: emotional, intellectual, and environmental  
  • Upskill your team to:
    • Design lessons that align learner intent with instructional goals
    • Facilitate in a way that stimulates curiosity and ensures learning transfer
    • Support learners with a strong production team

Understand the learning journey to achieve Virtual Learning Excellence in your organization either as a virtual designer, facilitator, producer, or Virtual Learning Expert®. 


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CTA - Virtual Learning Expert


Published by Janice Murphy May 25, 2022
Janice Murphy