EQ Over IQ: Lou Russell’s Perspective

Posted by Katelind Hays on Nov 15, 2018 10:00:00 AM
Katelind Hays

11292017 Modern Learning on the Air channel twitter-885819-editedAs we deal with more demands on our time and new generations join the workforce, engaging learners and helping them become successful at their jobs becomes more and more challenging.

When trying to create training that sticks, expert Lou Russell overcomes modern workforce obstacles by focusing on three elements: fun, fast, and flexible. In fact, her approach to facilitation acknowledges that, “The brains that we have are not geared toward multitasking, and as we are trying to juggle a lot of things, we change – for me, I change topics every fifteen minutes or every hour.”

Lou’s teaching philosophy speaks to core learning and development questions we face today. In a thoughtful sit-down interview with Phylise Banner for Modern Learning on the Air, Lou explores timely topics like:

  • What is the difference between strategic thought and mindfulness?
  • Is it that our attention spans are shorter? Or is it just that this is how we learn, this is how we’ve always learned, and our attention spans may have been more focused?
  • How does she define emotional intelligence?
  • Should learning professionals incorporate gratitude into their work?

Most importantly, though, Lou answers, “Why should I care about my emotions?” The perception that work and learning should not involve emotions hinders our ability to build skills and help others with their professional development.

Listen to the entire podcast to discover how emotional Intelligence, widely known as EQ, provides a solution to all of the questions above (and many more in training today!): https://soundcloud.com/modern-learning-on-the-air/lou-russell

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