How to Support Diverse Learners in Global Classrooms

Posted by Katelind Hays on Jun 1, 2018 12:45:00 PM
Katelind Hays

11292017 Modern Learning on the Air channel twitterA Modern Learning on the Air Interview with Beth Yoder and Peter Byebierggaard.

Bersin research confirmed what many of us already know: global teams define the modern workforce. Our organizations include diverse teams, connected by innovative technologies. Organizationally learning functions now work in a new standard: multicultural classrooms.

Learners bring unique and varied viewpoints to our training events. And that’s fantastic! But how does Learning & Development support this reality?

Phylise Banner asked the experts for our Modern Learning on the Air podcast. Beth Yoder and Peter Byebierggaard, both with Global Teams, specialize in this area, and have shared their expertise with us.

Listen to this podcast episode to explore:

  • Examples of cultural differences associated with the modern workplace
  • What intercultural differences impact our modern learning programs, and by extension, our organizations
  • How cultural differences impact our approach to training
  • Where we should place emphasis to more effectively support global learners

Making an effort to understand diverse learners, we ultimately learn more about ourselves as trainers, instructional designers, and learning leaders.

As Beth sagely observes,

“Understanding these cultural differences helps us be more comfortable in these situations, even if we still don’t understand everything that’s going on or make all the right adaptations or changes all the time.”


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