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Jun 25, 2020 InSync Training

Podcast - Marjorie Derven's Suggestion for Maximizing Organizational Performance

Using Diversity and Inclusion to Maximize Organizational Performance

Ask your senior leadership what they believe most impacts the business’ performance, and you’ll likely get a variety of answers. “Corporate culture!” one might say. Perhaps operational efficiency or improved training come to mind.

Expert Marjorie Derven believes that one oft-overlooked initiative can make all the difference: Diversity & Inclusion (D&I).

Marjorie argues that this power pair invites your employees to the dance and gets them off their chairs to dance together. Specifically, diversity acknowledges “the whole range of differences and similarities that people have…including visible factors and things we can’t see,” while inclusion provides us with a way of taking that diversity and “leveraging it to be able to really get the best ideas and really leverage employee engagement to the fullest extent.”

In an enlightening appearance on the Modern Learning on the Air podcast series, Marjorie explores the value of D&I more fully, covering topics like:

  • The impact of change management, learning, and organizational effectiveness on Diversity & Inclusion work.
  • From a D&I perspective, the biggest challenges organizations face in maximizing human potential.
  • How to leverage tribe mindset to lessen the gaps present in current Diversity & Inclusion programs within our organizations.
  • Examples of highly effective D&I initiatives you can use as inspiration.

Getting started in D&I can feel intimidating, but the best way to get started mirrors how you master any new skill: “become educated about what others are doing and what some of the trends are in Diversity & Inclusion… go to school on what’s happening in the field.” By learning how to create an environment where employees feel accepted and comfortable collaborating in spite of their perceived differences, your organizational performance can and will improve.

To listen to the podcast, click below. 



Published by InSync Training June 25, 2020