InSync Training's Top 10 Blogs of 2017

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann on Jan 9, 2018 1:57:19 PM
Jennifer Hofmann
Top 10 Modern Learning Blogs

2017 was a big year for learning. Organizations focused on looking outside of the traditional learning box, looking to find ways to support learners in every moment of learning need, not just during formal instruction. There was a recognition that learning isn’t over just because the LMS indicates the learner completed a course.

InSync’s top 10 blogs of 2017 largely represent this trend towards learner-centered experiences, providing tools and strategies that enable learner success and continue to support the needs of the business.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 blogs from last year, and why they resonated with our readers.

1. 3 Free Apps for Supporting Training After Learning Events

It’s not surprising that this post by JD Dillon topped our list – everyone likes low cost, and free, solutions. JD's post focuses on how to help learners access and reinforce formal instruction when they're on the go. He provides suggestions for continued support, refresher training, and an easy way to provide ongoing curated resources.

2. Modern Instructional Design: Strategies, Techniques and Tech

This post focuses on the selecting the right instructional strategy to create your overall approach for blended learning, what techniques are used to implement that strategy, and what technologies best support those individual techniques. Classifying the aspects of your blended learning design into these three categories provides clarity and context to what could be a complicated approach.

 3. Collaboration vs Interaction: What's the Difference?

A challenge all learning professionals face is how to engage our learners without the benefit of eye contact and body language. This post divides engagement into two categories: interaction and collaboration. Both are important, and both have different outcomes.

 4. Types of Learner Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

Continuing the discussion about engagement, this post compares and contrasts serial engagement and concurrent engagement with regard to the virtual classroom. What are the benefits of each, and how do we use these techniques to ensure learning occurs?

 5. Don't Bog Down Your Learners' Cognitive Load

In this post, Karin Rex explores three types of cognitive load: intrinsic, extraneous, and germane.

 6. The Learning Experience Architect: Reimagining Your Role

As the learning landscape changes, so does the role of the learning professional. This post proposes a new role: the learning experience architect. This person has competence in many areas, including the business of learning, technologies and techniques, and creating strategic collaboration opportunities.

 7. 3 Strategies for Prioritizing Your Own Learning Needs

It’s not just our learners who are bombarded with new concepts. Learning professionals also need to keep their skills sharp. In this post, Becky Rhea provides three strategies for prioritizing your learning needs, as well as tips for implementing those strategies.

8. 9 Terms That Create the Language of Modern Blended Learning

Modern blended learning design should be learner-centered and focused on outcomes. To reflect this, we need a new language. This post introduces a framework for changing the language of learning, and introduces the concept of a learning campaign, which was a particular research interest of mine throughout the year.

9. The Role of Virtual Classrooms in Modern Blended Learning

Today, everything’s a blend. In each type of learning, technology has a particular niche that it can fill. This post addresses how virtual classrooms meet the need for formal learning, and also provides some tips for the facilitator to help modernize the experience.

10. 2017: The Year of Blended Learning, Emerging EdTech & Modern Design

This post introduces our series 50 Modern Blended Learning Blogs.  (Eight of the blogs on this list came from that series.) In these 50 posts, we focused on managing the change to blended learning, the role of virtual classrooms, modern instructional design techniques, learning technologies, and you as a modern learner. We invited many guest bloggers to contribute, and I think it’s worth scrolling through the list to see what these innovators had to say.

In 2018 we will continue to invite guest bloggers to supplement our content. We will also dig deeper into concepts such as learning campaign design, perpetual learning, and advanced instructional design techniques.

And, if you’ve got an idea for a blog topic that you’d like us to address, or you're interested in contributing something yourself, just let us know.

Happy New Year!


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