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Jul 29, 2022 Janice Murphy

Learning Myths and Popular Promises - Virtually There Webinar Recap

The Learning Guild’s Director of Research, Dr. Jane Bozarth, separates fact from fiction in this Learning Myths and Popular Promises Virtually There webinar.

This webinar replay is perfect for an experienced practitioner who understands that research doesn’t support designing training that accommodates myths like learning styles, personality types, and generational differences and why. 

Dr. Bozarth examines what learning style research really says and explores ways of applying this information to your practice—even though that may mean making plans for what to do instead. You'll also find out why these ideas are so appealing, how common myths spread and how to leverage facts in conversation with stakeholders.

Research agrees that we are all different learners. The concern is that it is easy to overly simplify and pass along misinformation, which is why it's so important for learning professionals to stay current on the latest generational and learning style research. In her many years of thorough research on learning styles, Dr. Bozarth found, overwhelmingly, that attempts to match instruction style to learners’ preferred approach does not improve outcomes.

Download the full report, The Truth About Teaching to Learning Styles and What to do Instead, by Dr. Jane Bozarth, to explore learning styles and their effect on learning outcomes. The report also includes recommendations for alternative approaches. 

Watch this must-see replay of Learning Myths and Popular Promises with Dr. Jane Bozarth to learn:

  • What are common learning myths
  • Why myths continue to persist today
  • What you can do to educate yourself
  • How to leverage this information in conversation

Click to watch replay of - Learning Myths and Popular Promises Virtually There  Webinar

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Published by Janice Murphy July 29, 2022
Janice Murphy