Recording - 5 Best Practices to Apply when Designing for Virtual & Blended Learning

Posted by InSync Training on Oct 16, 2014 2:00:00 PM

October 16, 2014

Instructor: Jennifer Hofmann


Designing for the face-to-face delivery is hard enough; how do you transfer those skills to the virtual and blended delivery environments? It’s daunting because instructional designers don’t have as much experience as participants in virtual deliveries. Couple that with the fact that when a design falls apart, the participants usually know about it before the facilitator, spending time on a tight design is critical up front. And designing in the WRONG way can be expensive when it comes to programming and technology adoption costs.

Don’t panic yet. As long as you spend the time on design up front, and don’t rely on technology to do the work for you, you can set the virtual stage for success.

This session will address designing for the virtual and blended environments by providing guidance on how to apply traditional design principles to the new delivery landscape, focusing on how to best:

    • Determine the desired learning outcomes and how mastery of these outcomes will be assessed.
    • Conduct an environmental analysis to fully understand the learning technology landscape.
    • Map the learning outcomes to the most appropriate learning outcomes.
    • Create an assessment plan for the individual learning components and for the entire blended program.
    • Create a validated instructional design plan to manage the development of the blend.

A job aid with common design roadblocks and how to manage them will be included as a handout.

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