Recording - Best Practices for Developing Content That Maximizes Engagement & Meets Your Learning Goals

Posted by InSync Training on Nov 13, 2014 3:03:00 PM

November 13, 2014

Instructor: Jennifer Hofmann


A validated instructional design plan is critical to the success of your virtual learning initiative. It ensures you are delivering the right content using the most appropriate available technologies. Design is the first step. The next step is ensuring the learning program is developed according to the design specifications with consideration given to best practices in creating learner engagement for the various learning technologies that are being used.

This session will address developing for the virtual and blended environments by providing guidance on how to successfully develop the learning content, focusing on how to best:

  • Create a project plan that incorporates all components of your program.
  • Assemble and manage a development team.
  • Create and communicate standards for activity design and engagement for all contemplated delivery formats.
  • Create leader and participant materials that encompass all aspects of the delivery.
  • Pilot the content in a realistic delivery landscape

A job aid with common development roadblocks and how to manage them will be included.

Topics: InSync BYTE Recording, Recordings