Recording - Bozarthzone! Designing for Learner Success

Posted by InSync Training on Dec 9, 2016 1:46:23 PM

December 8, 2016

Instructor: Jane Bozarth


So much of our design work is focused on smooth navigation, creating engaging content, and crafting complex interactions that we may overlook a most basic issue: Can learners can be successful with the course? Design flaws such as overload, ineffective use of multimedia (especially narration), and poor assessment items are just some of the ways an “engaging” course can still cause learners to stumble.

This session will help designers and others involved in the design process identify common trouble spots, understand them from the learners’ point of view, and take steps to correct them before learners have a chance to fail. L&D professionals wishing to work from a “learner first” point of view will find this session illuminating and applicable.

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