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Dec 11, 2017 Phylise Banner

eBook - Sorting Through the EdTech Toolbox

Sorting Through the EdTech Toolbox ebook cover

We keep saying that technology is just a tool, but what do we really mean? I have a full toolbox out in the garage, but I have to admit that I’ve used a shoe to hammer a nail into the wall on more than one occasion.

Are we using the right tools to design, develop, deliver, facilitate, produce, and curate learning? Or, are we using our shoes, staplers, or anything sturdy enough that we have on hand to get the job done?


In the end, does it really matter?

InSync contributor and Learning & Development expert Phylise Banner answers this question and more in her comprehensive eBook that explores common categories of educational technology. The details provided will help learning practitioners of all specialities, including instructional design and facilitation, understand the ways in which technology can improve learner engagement and training outcomes.  

To download the eBook, Sorting Through the EdTech Toolbox, please complete the form to the right and click on the 'Submit' button. 


Published by Phylise Banner December 11, 2017
Phylise Banner