Infographic - 5 Moments of Need: Are We Missing a HUGE Opportunity?

Posted by InSync Training on Jun 6, 2019 3:43:14 PM
5 Moment of Need by Bob Mosher

Every day L&D is being pressured more and more to show an ROI, or Return on Investment, for the dollars spent in “training.”

Designing for the 5 Moments of Need can help us move into the workflow and measure impact in ways training alone can never do.

It also has a profound effect on training events, often reducing them by up to half the time needed, while making them even more impactful.

Based on Bob Mosher's Virtually There session, 5 Moments of Need Are We Missing a HUGE Opportunity?, this infographic will show you how to be a change agent for your organization and transform your learning, boost performance, and cultivate self-reliant, highly engaged learners.

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