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Jan 25, 2017 InSync Training

Infographic - How to Build Your Why Story

Christine Miles Why Story Infographic

Understanding your WHY, your own story, and what fuels your passion is the first step to changing how you converse with others.

It’s a paradigm shift that requires that you learn how to find your story, where it begins (how young were you when), and how that connects to who you are and what you do today. 

It’s a road worth traveling to tap into your passion and ultimately communicate that story and passion to your employees, customers, prospects, friends and your families.

This infographic, based on Christine Miles' BYTE session, Mastering Storytelling for the Business Conversation, helps you to understand your WHY, which can provide inspiration to others and is infectious in a way that leads to an enhanced experience/conversation and yields positive business and personal results.

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Published by InSync Training January 25, 2017