Recording - Learning & Supporting @ the Point of Work

Posted by InSync Training on May 28, 2014 11:38:00 AM

July 22, 2013

Instructor: Gary Wise


The increasing velocity of business places urgency on creating and sustaining workforce capability. Workflows and the need to learn are converging. Profits are hard-wired to performance and the margin for error depends upon on flawless execution in the work context. Continuous work demands and mission-critical needs for our workforce to learn should not force us to choose one or the other. Traditional training methods, delivery venues, and learning management systems are not agile enough to address this convergence @ the point of work.

The learning environment is evolving. Design and delivery methods are being pushed to expand scope and head downstream into the post-training work context where this convergence manifests in workflows. Informal learning becomes critical, and is shrinking to meet the demands of just-enough-just-in-time-just-for-me. This expanded learning environment is loaded with interdependencies and is requiring us to treat it as a dynamic learning ecosystem. Deeper discovery that drives design, development and delivery decisions must be accomplished to address an edge-to-edge continuous learning environment.

Effectively implementing learning and performer support edge-to-edge exceeds the limits of classroom and on-line training venues. The ecosystem approach suggests there is a continuum of learning supported embedded within our solutions. This session examines a framework called the PDR Learning Continuum that serves as an overlay to the ecosystem concept and integrates learning and support @ the point of work.

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