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Sep 27, 2022 InSync Training

Master & Overcome Cultural Blind Spots in Global Virtual Training

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There’s been an explosion in the growth of learning and development during and following the pandemic. We are more accustomed than ever to delivering learning in virtual environments. Still, cultural awareness hasn’t caught up and many professionals in the training industry remain unaware of their own cultural blind spots.

To maximize learning potential, we need to design materials that speak to learners as individuals. It goes without saying that if our learning content is packed full of unrecognizable sayings, jokes that don’t land, or examples that not everyone can relate to, we run the risk of creating a barrier to learner engagement.

Oftentimes, we prioritize organizational culture over local culture—but, when dealing with a global scope of learners, this can be a BIG mistake.

So, how do we, as learning and development professionals, HR specialists and corporate trainers, handle cultural differences to better engage learners and increase ROI—even when the subject matter is outside our own cultural realm?

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Published by InSync Training September 27, 2022