Recording - Mastering Storytelling for the Business Conversation

Posted by InSync Training on Jan 20, 2017 5:00:54 PM

January 17, 2017

Instructor: Christine Miles


The world has changed with the bombardment of digital and mobile inputs. Selling and leading today is about uncovering needs people don’t know they have. It is about painting a picture that helps people see what they didn’t know was possible, versus simply providing a product or solution.

We know that some of the most successful professionals and leaders intuitively use “Story” in their conversations, though it is only in recent years that “Story” has been scientifically proven to influence and help people opt-in and buy.

Contrary to common thinking, using “Story” as a skill is much more than just being good storyteller. It is about telling a story that makes the right point.

In order to be effective, you need to understand the three facets of “Story”; first, knowing how to gather other’s story to gain insight and inform you of the story that will relate best; second, building a compelling story that makes the right point to help the people see what is possible to opt-in; and third, telling that story in an effective way to inspire people to act/buy.

Simply put: You will learn to let “Story” do the selling for you.

  • Identify “Why” and “How” stories inspire your customers to buy or opt-in.
  • Use “The Art of the Nudge Communication Framework” to become a great Storyteller.
  • Discover the inventory of stories needed for leading and selling.
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