Recording - Placing Pedagogy into Practice

Posted by InSync Training on Dec 17, 2014 11:02:00 AM

December 16, 2014

Instructor: Phylise Banner


The Community of Inquiry framework stands out as the leading body of research in online teaching and learning, informing instructional design practice throughout the education arena. The application of this research to the world of training and professional development brings a new way to look at the work we do as eLearning designers, developers, and facilitators.

We invite you and your colleagues to join online learning evangelist Phylise Banner for this exploration of how research in online pedagogy can provide insight into crafting quality e-Learning experiences, and guide how we can better measure the effectiveness of our handiwork.

Conversation and activities will be based on the application of Community of Inquiry theory and research to industry practice, focusing on how to best:

  • Guide the evaluation of teaching and learning outcomes.
  • Cultivate a learning community active in personal reflection and shared discourse.
  • Design and develop approaches to learner engagement, interaction, and contribution.
  • Identify and reflect on strengths and weaknesses in learning design and instructional approaches.
  • Inform performance development initiatives.
  • Identify exemplary learning program offerings and areas for targeted improvement.
  • Recognize success indicators related to social, teaching, and cognitive presences.

A list of annotated readings and job aids will be provided and reviewed during the session.

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