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Jun 25, 2020 InSync Training

Podcast - Insights into Training's Transformation from Treion Muller

How Training Has Evolved

Has your experience in Learning and Development changed in the last 10 years? Without a doubt!

Learners expect relevant information provided as soon as they need it. We turn to Google, rather than a three-day training course when we encounter challenges or changes in our daily lives.

To meet learner expectations, training practitioners have updated approaches to design and delivery. Some changes involved tiny tweaks, others required complete role overhauls. Despite initial efforts, the evolution continues. Expert and Chief Product Officer Treion Muller observes:

"It’s important to note that, historically, learning has been conducted traditionally the same way for hundreds and hundreds of years, which has typically been the sage-on-the-stage event-based. But literally in the last ten years, we’ve had some technological advances and innovations that have changed how we are now able to learn and receive training. It’s going to take a while to give up some of those traditional learnings that’s not as effective as some of those digital modalities. It will take time to understand what’s working well and what’s just a fad. We’re in the early adoption phase, even though it’s already been ten years. You look at ten years in the perspective of compared to hundreds of years – ten years is not a lot of time. There’s a lot of advancements occurring, there’s best practices that we don’t want to give up. In some instances, traditional training will win out."

In his discussion with Phylise Banner for Modern Learning on the Air, Treion makes a key point: the ongoing transformation of training will require judgement calls. The tools available to us may change, but the need for authenticity, relevancy, and creativity in instructional design, and engaging instruction remains the same. Those choices require consideration of learner needs and best practices.

What can we do to find balance in our blends in light of higher learner expectations, technology capabilities, and changing workplaces? Listen to Treion’s podcast interview to hear thoughtful insights on questions like:

  • How will consumer behavior influence the future of corporate learning?
  • What role does immediacy play in how we design training?
  • Where is the modern learning “sweet spot” between directing learners to Google and enrolling them in weeks-long structured programs?
  • How can data help us adapt learning?

To listen to the podcast, click below. 



Published by InSync Training June 25, 2020