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Jun 25, 2020 InSync Training

Podcast - Oded Ilan's Mindset about Memory and Modern Learning

A Conversation about Memory and Modern Learning with Oded Ilan

Behavior change is the holy grail of training. Learning and Development practitioners strive to impact business outcomes by improving the skills of our audience.

Performance improvement grows out of learners truly understanding content and successfully applying it back on the job.

To achieve this goal, expert Oded Ilan believes, “we need a paradigm shift in the way that we perceive teaching and supporting people.” And that paradigm shift starts with our understanding of how our brains function in the modern workplace environment.

In a compelling sit-down podcast interview for Modern Learning on the Air, Oded talks with Phylise Banner. They cover making the change and better understanding the connection between modern learning and memory, which lay in the answers to questions, like:

  • How are our brains working right now?
  • Are there really different learning styles?
  • As we work to tell stories, how do we manage a global audience?
  • In what ways has the global market shaped the business of learning?
  • What is situated help and how does it impact the learning experience?

Listen to the entire podcast for answers to these questions and more: 

Ultimately, improved performance follows a realigning of expectations:

We need to provide people with tools. Not so much with knowledge, but with tools. That means to be able to learn how to shift. People don’t change all that much. Their needs are pretty much the same basic needs. The question is how they perceive that they can get answers to those needs... people learn tools or they learn techniques that allow them to modify what they’re doing into these new techniques, into these new types of development needs. So it’s not so much about knowing something, but about learning tools or knowing how to shift.

To listen to the podcast, click below. 



Published by InSync Training June 25, 2020