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Jun 25, 2020 InSync Training

Podcast - What's Mark Harter's Training Secret Weapon? Communication

How Communication Can Improve Training

The training landscape constantly changes. For example, you could spend an hour a day researching emerging learning technologies and by the end of the week, you’d still be coming across new options.

Keeping up with the evolution can feel like a full-time job.

How do instructional designers and decision makers sort through the noise and generate the best possible results? By going back to basics, especially communication.

Mark Harter, a learning design and development manager, sat down with Modern Learning on the Air host Phylise Banner to share his experiences and best practices built over a 20 year career. His passion, he says, focuses on “how communications, especially within an enterprise environment, affect and impact learning and help carry learning.”

While you commute to work, get in your daily exercise, or enjoy your morning coffee, you can discover expert advice on pressing questions like:

  • Why does communication matter in L&D initiatives?
  • Why do traditional communication methods no longer work?
  • What innovative methods can we use to engage and motivate employees?
  • How do we address shortening learner attention spans?
  • How do we construct learning and its message so it means something to our audience?

Designers, stay positive and know when to outsource! As learners come to expect more visually from our programs, know that you can’t, and shouldn’t try, to do it all on your own. Focus on thoughtful design and purposeful communication, and allow graphic designers or those with artistic talents to help you bring the final vision to life.

To listen to the podcast, click below. 


Published by InSync Training June 25, 2020