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Jan 26, 2015 InSync Training

Recording - Blending Agile and ADDIE to Grow Performance

January 26, 2015

Instructor: Lou Russell


Learning and performance professionals are juggling multiple projects and roles on highly matrixed learning development projects.  There’s barely time to get the work done, never mind learn about new approaches that supposedly speed the process.  We know there is NO silver bullet, but there are new promising techniques.  The truth is in the combo.  Learn how to apply the best of Agile, SAM and ADDIE to improve the speed and quality of your learning development projects.

People who are not in Learning & Development (L&D) have little idea what we do when we develop learning.  What they see are the tools – PowerPoint, Webinars or E-learning platforms.  Effective transfer of learning occurs when a business competency need is met through a repeatable process.  Put another way, what can people do now that they couldn’t do before? Regardless of the delivery medium (live, e-learning, blended), L&D pros must know how to answer this significant question by choosing the right activities, influencing the right stakeholders and delivering learning transfer as quickly and effectively as possible.  

This program will help developers combine the leanest project management deliverables with the best combination of development tasks for their specific and unique projects.  It will help leaders clarify the best approach for their teams to meet the performance needs of the organization.  There is no single, universal choice, and traditional approaches like ADDIE can work for certain projects. The best choice is driven by the specific need, organization culture and project constraints.  Learn how to combine the best of Agile, SAM and ADDIE to your specific development projects each time.

Some topics we will cover include:

  • Apply reusable templates for project management and development tasks dependent on the learning and performance need being delivered.
  • Create a Combo Development strategy for their organization leveraging the best of Agile, SAM and ADDIE to meet the behavioral change needs of your specific customers.
  • Leverage the Combo Development strategy to more effectively influence key project stakeholders and manage their expectations.
  • Challenge and evolve the current toolkit for success in spite of time constraints, inadequate budget, and undefined quality metrics. No more whining!
Published by InSync Training January 26, 2015