Recording - Creating Engagement in the Virtual Classroom: Advanced Facilitation Skills for the Experienced Training Professional

Posted by InSync Training on Jun 21, 2019 12:32:43 PM

June 20, 2019
Instructors: Jennifer Hofmann and Karen Vieth


What does it mean for a learner to be engaged?

Quite literally hundreds of articles every year use the term, with few making little or any effort into defining it. But several current research efforts directed at cognition in learning environments suggest there are at least three separate factors at play: Emotional engagement, intellectual engagement, and environmental engagement.

This session with Jennifer Hofmann, Founder and President of InSync Training and Karen Vieth, virtual facilitator, producer and Implementation Services Manager for InSync Training, addresses these three factors and why each is necessary but insufficient on their own to produce an engaged learner and how failure of any of these factors can result in disengagement.

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