Recording - Curiosity Sells: Stop Selling and Get Your Buyer's Real Story

Posted by InSync Training on Aug 7, 2018 11:34:19 PM

August 7, 2018

Instructor: Christine Miles 


Shift from selling on products, features, functions, and price to uncovering the real business problems. Allow co-­‐innovation to develop REAL business value for your customers and prospects with CURIOSITY.

We all sell every day whether we are in a sales role or not.

People get caught in these common communication traps:

  1. Talking more than listening
  2.  Selling on features and functions of their products and/or price
  3. Advising, solving or challenging their customers or prospects before they have earned the right

Learning to be a curious detective to uncover the real story of your customers’ business struggles is key to making an emotional connection and driving value to win. In this session, participants will learn to make the complex and difficult skill of listening simple by learning how to be curious with six simple questions. These questions help deepen relationships and create value by fostering co-innovation, to drive business value together and not just a sale.

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