Recording - Serious Game Secrets: Who, What, Where, Why, Who Cares?

Posted by InSync Training on May 16, 2018 1:49:14 PM

May 15, 2018

Instructor: Andrew Hughes 


Many people in the e-learning realm are attempting to use gamification and serious games to spark employee engagement and drive learning retention. Everyone is working to make the best serious game that will enhance the learning objectives and retain learning.

The biggest setbacks for some of these serious games and gamified learning experiences have been little-to-no planning, tough to pinpoint metrics, little-to-no implementation strategy, and insufficient or nonexistent post-deployment support.

Serious games are living, breathing, evolving things, unlike our e-learning modules we put on the shelf.

This session will talk about planning, developing, implementing, and supporting serious games for companies that have never gone down the route of serious games and gamified learning experiences.

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