Recording - The Accidental People Challenges From Agile Development

Posted by InSync Training on Apr 24, 2018 6:39:44 PM

April 24, 2018

Instructor: Lou Russell 


In 2001, a group of thinkers created the Agile manifesto. Software and innovative training companies leveraged the new way of creating value for customers. Seventeen years later, Agile work is spreading quickly through large, medium and small companies in the United States, including various functional areas.

If you say you are NOT doing Agile, people will sigh and feel bad for you. Leveraging Agile to build courses, systems or pretty much anything is cool but it brings underestimated challenges for people. With the completely different mindset Agile requires, individuals struggle with new roles, new responsibilities and an entirely different way of working with each other.

In this interactive session, participants will reflect on:

  • How to adapt the PEOPLE to the process and the troubles if you can’t
  • How the unconscious bias to hierarchy messes up teams
  • How hierarchical company cultures can co-exist with Agile teams
  • The best competencies for Agile work

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