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Podcast - Dr. Stephen Slota Discusses Fun and Games in Learning

Posted by InSync Training on Jun 25, 2020 10:36:24 AM
Dr. Stephen Slota's opinions on gamification in training

When was the last time you had fun during a mandated training event?

This loaded question plagues instructional designers and facilitators alike. Stakeholders know that training impacts overall organizational performance, making upskilling employees a high-stakes game. 

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Podcast - Insight about L&D, Critical Thinking, and Memes from Allen Partridge

Posted by InSync Training on Jun 25, 2020 10:25:21 AM
Interview with eLearning expert Allen Partridge

As technology evolves, our ability to learn anytime and anywhere changes, too.

Now, our possibilities seem literally endless. Constant communication, the pervasive availability of information, and the ever-changing opportunities for social collaboration exemplify this new reality.

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Podcast - Social Learning Tips from Jane Bozarth

Posted by InSync Training on Jun 25, 2020 9:54:55 AM
Lead the change with social learning using tips from Jane Bozarth

Think about the last time you needed to learn something new.

Were you sitting at your desk in your office? Standing in your kitchen trying to make dinner? Driving down the road when a new warning light popped up on your dashboard?

Like many people, when this happens to me, I ask a trusted source for their wisdom. Sometimes that’s my mom, other times it’s a colleague who seems to know the ins-and-outs of every nuanced process for my company.

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Podcast - Julie Dirksen Answers the Question 'How Do People Learn?'

Posted by InSync Training on Jun 25, 2020 9:42:24 AM
Interview with expert Julie Dirksen on how people learn

Often trainers become trainers because their organizations see them succeeding at their jobs.

“Oh! You’re a great customer service rep. You can teach other people how to perform customer service.” 

"Wow! You created a beautiful new page for the internal website. Can you teach these three team members your process?”

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Podcast - Chris Osborn Encourages You to Change Your Idea of Learning

Posted by InSync Training on Jun 25, 2020 9:35:26 AM
Improve Your Training Programs with a Changed Perspective

Learning styles and 70-20-10, you’ve probably heard of them.

Both have provided instructional designers with guidance for years. Well, according to expert Chris Osborn, we need to throw both right in the garbage.

This extreme response to seemingly-proven models stems from a key question: How do humans learn? 

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Podcast - How to Support Diverse Learners in the Virtual Classroom

Posted by InSync Training on Jun 25, 2020 9:26:35 AM
Tips for Training Diverse Audiences

A Modern Learning on the Air Interview with Beth Yoder and Peter Byebierggaard.

Bersin research confirmed what many of us already know: global teams define the modern workforce.

Our organizations include diverse teams, connected by innovative technologies. Organizationally learning functions now work in a new standard: multicultural classrooms.

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Video - Why Do You Need a Producer in the Virtual Classroom?

Posted by InSync Training on Jun 12, 2020 1:38:30 PM
Using a producer in the virtual classroom

Did you know? The most effective virtual learning events rely on an instructional partnership.

Organizations know that facilitators play a critical role in the success of live online training. But the importance of the producer often gets overlooked. 

Before writing off adding a producer to your roster as an unnecessary extra cost, consider the value they can provide to your content, your learners, and your training function. 

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Video - Tips for Setting Your Virtual Classroom Up for Success

Posted by InSync Training on May 7, 2020 12:59:57 PM
virtual learning 101

Fact: "One does not simply move learning online."

Transitioning face-to-face classroom training to the virtual classroom or launching new live online learning programs requires a thoughtful process. 

Proven keys to success include: purposeful instructional design, engaging facilitation, and expert technical support. But there's one additional consideration that often goes overlooked - what happens before a session starts.

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Video - What Does 'Learner Engagement' Mean?

Posted by InSync Training on Apr 23, 2020 4:19:06 PM

We frequently use the term 'learner engagement' in corporate learning. But what does it mean? 

In the traditional face-to-face classroom, instructors can literally see whether a participant has disconnected from the content or is invested in the program. When we move learning online, those standard indicators of engagement disappear with the lack of eye contact, body language, and subtle non-verbal cues. 

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Video - 5 Facilitation Tips for Virtual Classroom Engagement

Posted by InSync Training on Apr 23, 2020 3:58:46 PM

Virtual sessions run the gamut from incredibly engaging to incredibly boring. One of the biggest influences on success? The Facilitator! 

Some instructors deliver virtual learning content in a way that engages learners and results in memorable experiences. Other instructors, intimidated by the technology or uncomfortable in a new learning environment, lean into lecture and limit collaboration.

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