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Recording - Bozarthzone! Social Media for Trainers

Posted by InSync Training on Apr 20, 2017 5:29:05 PM

April 20, 2017

Instructor: Jane Bozarth


Explore the use of free technologies like blogs, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, and online groups to help build communication, increase participation, and enhance transfer of training to the job. We'll both define and demystify each tool. You will get ideas for applying low-cost collaboration strategies to your own training programs—both classroom and online!

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Video - Teach Us One Thing - Myra Travin and Mark Sheppard

Posted by InSync Training on Oct 1, 2016 1:48:47 PM

46817670_s.jpgInSync Training’s interview series “Teach Us One Thing” provides learning industry experts with a platform to share the one idea they believe training professionals need to know. Conducted virtually and onsite at industry conferences, the series will regularly update with new top-tier advice.

“Slack is a tool not specific to learning and development, but with all of the features and functionality it offers, it’s perfectly positioned to support L&D.”

Myra Travin, Educational Futurist, UNIVentures, Inc. and Mark Sheppard, Senior Learning & Development Practitioner, Slack EduRooms

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Recording - Bozarthzone! Truth About Social Learning

Posted by InSync Training on Jul 14, 2016 3:24:03 PM

JuLY 14, 2016

Instructor: Jane Bozarth


"Social learning" and "informal learning" are among the training industry's hottest phrases these days. But there's so much confusion over what they mean, and what they mean to those of us in the business.

A few truths:

  • Social learning isn't new
  • Social learning isn't necessarily ‘managed', ‘launched', ‘controlled', or ‘measured'
  • People in the workplace are learning all the time - without us
  • Those people likely don't think of what they're doing as "learning"

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Recording - 5 Steps to Making Your Virtual Classroom Mobile and Social

Posted by InSync Training on Oct 14, 2015 2:36:45 PM

October 14, 2015

Instructor: Jennifer Hofmann


In today’s hyper-networked virtual, global, and mobile workplace, organizations are beginning to rely on informal learning using social networks and mobile technologies. This makes sense. Social media provides rich resources for informal learning outside the classroom as well as supplemental learning within the classroom. Both timely and collaborative, social media outlets provide you with the power to make sure learning occurs during your events and continues afterward. It can be used to build community and continue the learning conversation started in the classroom, as a stand-alone “just in time” set of resources for instant gratification, or for anything in between. 

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