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Video - 5 Facilitation Tips for Virtual Classroom Engagement

Posted by InSync Training on Apr 23, 2020 3:58:46 PM

Virtual sessions run the gamut from incredibly engaging to incredibly boring. One of the biggest influences on success? The Facilitator! 

Some instructors deliver virtual learning content in a way that engages learners and results in memorable experiences. Other instructors, intimidated by the technology or uncomfortable in a new learning environment, lean into lecture and limit collaboration.

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Video - Teach Us One Thing - Becky Pike Pluth

Posted by InSync Training on Sep 29, 2016 8:10:53 PM

Facilitators need to stop apologizing InSync Training’s interview series “Teach Us One Thing” provides learning industry experts with a platform to share the one idea they believe training professionals need to know.

Conducted virtually and onsite at industry conferences, the series will regularly update with new top-tier advice.

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Recording - 101 Ways to Expand Learning Beyond the Classroom

Posted by InSync Training on May 6, 2016 8:55:07 PM

May 3, 2016

Instructor: Elaine Biech


As today's talent development professional, you have multiple options for delivering learning to employees. The 70-20-10 model (70% hands-on experiences; 20% developmental interactions; 10% formal learning) continues to serve as a valuable guideline for using the wide variety of developmental options available.

We are experts in the 10% domain-delivering training or programs-but what's our role beyond instructor led training? How do we create and deliver personalized developmental experiences? How can we support social learning? How can we ensure employees are immersed in the “right” experiential learning? What is our role to influence the interaction between employees and their supervisors? How can we stimulate informal learning? This webinar will help you look beyond virtual and traditional classrooms to expand your learners’ options.

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Infographic - 4 Step Disaster Recovery Process

Posted by InSync Training on Aug 13, 2015 2:36:00 PM

How to Recover from a Virtual Classroom DisasterAs facilitators, we always hope that the virtual classroom platforms we're using will work flawlessly during our live training sessions.

Realistically though, many things can and will go wrong with learning technologies. 

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