Recording - 10 Things to Do Immediately to Modernize Your Learning Culture

Posted by InSync Training on Dec 4, 2015 4:10:00 PM

December 2, 2015

Instructor: Jennifer Hofmann


We've been hearing a lot about the modern classroom environment lately. And there is no doubt that modern learners have more options about where and how they learn. We also know that today's workplace demands training be embedded in the workflow, with minimal disruption to the daily routine.

It's ironic that while access to content is becoming more individualized, teams are becoming more collaborative in nature. How do we support this as our workforce becomes more global, virtual, and mobile?

It's time to re-examine our learning cultures to ensure that they support this evolving environment. Join Jennifer Hofmann as she discusses ten requirements for today's modern learning culture, with tips on how to implement them in your organization.

The discussion will be about more than technology: we'll address job-relevancy, manager support, and adapting proven design concepts (like adult learning principles and instructional design) to today's requirements.

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