Recording - Bozarthzone! Tips for the Positive Deviant

Posted by InSync Training on Oct 23, 2017 12:46:55 PM

October 19, 2017

Instructor: Jane Bozarth


What's a positive deviant?

Researcher Jerry Sternin discovered that, "In every group there are a minority of people who find better and more successful solutions to the challenges at hand. Even though they have access to exactly the same resources as the rest of the group, their uncommon practices or behaviors allow them to flourish."

One of our favorite positive deviants, Dr. Jane Bozarth, will lead you on an overview: who are some positive deviants? What kinds of success have they had? How did they do it?

Plus: 5 critical behaviors necessary for those who aspire to positive deviancy!

Note: this session is intended for high performing, high potential staff and those who supervise them. It is not aimed at "fixing" problem performers.

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