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Dec 07, 2017 InSync Training

Whitepaper - An Introduction to InSync Training's Perpetual Learning Design Model

Perpetual Learning Design Model whitepaper cover

Today’s modern learning landscape calls for modern blended learning design. We aren’t designing courses anymore, we are designing experiences that support the learner in all their formal and informal moments of learning need.

This means modern design is about more than learning objectives. We need to think about where our learners are going to be when they are accessing content, what they are doing when they are accessing that content, and what level of expertise they need in that moment. When considering the who, what, and where of learning, instructional design becomes a much more complicated process. How can we keep all the moving parts straight while also designing thoughtful, engaging training programs? Perpetual Learning Design! 

To download the whitepaper, An Introduction to InSync Training's Perpetual Learning Design Model, please complete the form on the right and click on the 'Submit' button. 


Published by InSync Training December 7, 2017