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Jun 25, 2020 InSync Training

Podcast - Can Gamification Funify Work? Michael Sutton Explores

Using Gamification to Make Work Fun

Picture it: someone at a networking event asks you to describe your job.

What words come to mind? If you answered “fun!” first, count yourself among the lucky few.

Most of us take our professional responsibilities seriously and seek out opportunities that challenge us. However, pursuing our serious dreams often results in roles that fundamentally lack fun.

In fact, as discussed in a recently episode of Modern Learning on the Air, learning architect Michael Sutton points out:

"A range of studies that have taken place over the last few years talking about the boredom and disengagement in the workplace. And over the last 10 to 15 years, increasingly, studies have demonstrated in higher education that most undergraduates and graduate students are bored to the hilt. So if you have a disengaged workforce or a bored educational suite of participants, they’re wasting their money, the companies are wasting their money, and we’re not really getting the learning outcomes, the value proposition, that education and learning should be able to generate."

So how do we combat the increasing boredom our learners experience? A gamified or "funified" approach to learning may just hold the key to challenge the circumstances around workplace boredom. 

You will learn:

  • How to introduce games or game-based learning into your organization
  • Ways to encourage management to buy into this modern approach
  • Options for incorporating competition into gamified work scenarios
  • How the training industry has moved towards acceptance of digital credentialing

Even in the face of crazy challenges, like a disconnected company culture, gamification opens up a world of possibility for increased employee success. In fact, by the end of the podcast, you will realize how game-based learning can really upgrade not only your training programs, but also the overall experience employees have on the job.

To listen to the podcast, click below. 


Published by InSync Training June 25, 2020