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May 24, 2018 Jennifer Hofmann

Preview: Blended Learning in Practice

eLearning Guild Blended Learning in Practice report preview

Are your organization's programs ready for the future? Has the instructional design approach you use evolved to support and actively engage modern learners? What implementation process works best when introducing this innovative, flexible methodology? 

Ultimately, effective blends rely on addressing all moments of learning need and modeling the way work happens today. And while learning professionals and researchers alike have identified proven benefits, stakeholders correctly point out that risks logically follow widespread change.

I'm pleased to collaborate with eLearning Guild to answer these questions and address these realities in my new report, Blended Learning in Practice.

As part of the research for this report, I interviewed organizations making the change and compiled the data to help my fellow practitioners navigate and negotiate the process of fundamentally changing our approach to L&D. Whether you serve as your company's single point of contact for training or you are a part of a large enterprise learning function, I promise you will learn something new and discover actionable steps you can apply to your instructional design, implementation, and facilitation practice.

As an introduction to my comprehensive report, I'm delighted to share its executive summary to preview the content and discuss the value of blended learning to organizational learning.

Executive Summary of Blended Learning in Practice

"Blended learning is the framework that connects instructional technologies and techniques together, providing a solution that meets the needs of modern learners and a business climate that’s increasingly mobile, global, and reliant on social collaborative technologies.

This research paper is directed at the larger question: How are successful blended learning programs being implemented, and what are the benefits and risks associated with this approach?

The data for this report were drawn primarily from interviews with organizations already invested, to greater or lesser risk extents, in enterprisewide blended learning. The author, Jennifer Hofmann, interviewed program sponsors responsible for blended learning initiatives in multiple industries, including insurance, telecommunications, technology, and the military. They dealt with topics ranging from IT implementations to new employee onboarding to sales training. As you can imagine, all of their experiences and blended learning designs look very different. But we also identified some common critical success factors. These critical success factors, including the research results, are discussed throughout the report.

A point of special interest: None of these critical success factors are focused on technology. Success of a blend is dependent on much more seemingly mundane foundations."

Learn more and download your copy using your eLearning Guild account here:


Published by Jennifer Hofmann May 24, 2018
Jennifer Hofmann