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Jan 24, 2018 Katelind Hays

Storyboarding: An Instructional Designer’s Secret Weapon

instructional design storyboarding eLearning has been a viable training option for a while now. Thanks to tools like GoAnimate and Camtasia, instructional designers can quickly and easily produce a high-quality learning product. But just because we have access to technical tools, that doesn’t automatically result in a seamless creation process.

As expert Jennifer Hofmann points out:

Instructional design is still relevant to blended learning. It’s evolving, and it’s mission-critical.”

As a helpful component in many blends, we need to thoughtfully plan out our eLearning modules and connect them to defined learning objectives.

But how?

Stan the-Fairly-New-Design Man joins forces with Donna Designer to save the day and teach us a fool-proof process for strategically outlining our eLearning elements. Watch as Stan and Donna explore storyboarding, a process popularized by Walt Disney animator Webb Smith in the early 1930s, that we can adapt to and leverage for instructional design.

Click here to watch the video.


Published by Katelind Hays January 24, 2018
Katelind Hays