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Teaching Blended Learning in Shanghai - Who Taught Who?

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann on Aug 21, 2014 11:00:00 AM
Chinese Blended Learning Program

Just about a year ago, I had a unique opportunity to deliver an in-person version of our Blended Learning  Design course in Shanghai. As usual, I learned as much from my students as they did from me. Some was fun, some was cultural, and some was about how we teach and how we learn.

These lessons, while specific to single professional experience, apply to my work in general. Social learning, collaboration, and instructional design prove important regardless of program location or delivery type. You will likely find them insightful, too!

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Cultural Intelligence for Learning Professionals

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann on Jul 10, 2014 11:53:00 AM

Today's virtual learning platforms are creating global classrooms. Are you ready?

Globalization, new learning technologies and dispersed workforces have provided us with a much more diverse learner base than ever before. Naturally, the virtual classroom paves the way for working with these global audiences more easily. How are you adapting to respond to these changes in your classroom? 

One of the greatest advantages of the virtual classroom is the fact that we can reach such a diverse global audience – often taking our homegrown training sessions to other colleagues or audiences around the world.   

However, creating programs that work globally is not as simple as just putting that material into a virtual classroom. You would think that if it "works here" it would work "over there." Not necessarily.

Often our session evaluations tell us a different story – the facilitator may not connect with the audience in the same way, learners may not really have taken to the virtual platform (preferring face-to-face sessions), or perhaps learners demonstrate that they had difficulty with the pace of the session.

There are so many elements that can give us a clue as to WHY a previously successful program appears to flop when delivered outside of the country where it was designed!

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Virtual Classroom Implementation & Design: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Jennifer Hofmann on Apr 24, 2014 1:00:00 PM

At InSync Training, we often provide informational sessions to workgroups in the midst of adopting a virtual training or blended learning strategy. After the session, we summarize the questions sent in via chat and provide more in-depth answers in a follow-up email to the client.

I thought the answers to the most commonly asked questions might be of interest to my readers so here they are!

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