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Oct 13, 2015 InSync Training

Video - Virtual Classroom Tools: Synchronized Web Browsing

Synchronized Web Browsing in the Virtual ClassroomSynchronized web browsing can add great interaction to any virtual classroom design. It also provides an opportunity to use the entire internet as potential content in the virtual classroom.

It's easy to create engagement using this versatile tool but many virtual classroom designers don't use it. Here's your chance to learn how!

Based on the whitepaper, Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics: A Virtual Engagement Primer, this video provides guidance on how to most effectively use this versatile tool. An example from our popular Virtual Classroom Design Mastery Series course is included.

To view the video, click here.

For additional information, please download our complimentary whitepaper, Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics: A Virtual Engagement Primer and review the blog post Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics: Synchronized Web Browsing.

For hands-on instruction about using synchronized web browsing, as well as many other virtual classroom tools, check out our Virtual Classroom Design Mastery Series course by clicking on the title or on the graphic below.

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Published by InSync Training October 13, 2015